About Us

The O'Mahony Group's principles of 'Keep it Simple' and 'Get it done' ensure they are one of the most effective Telecoms Consultancy firms in Dubai.

The O'Mahony Group has worked with mobile network operators in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa since 1996. In that time we have worked with well over 100 mobile network operators globally, including operators in South/Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

We have two guiding principles which govern all aspects of our work:

  • Keep it simple
  • Get it done

We have found that these principles deliver results time and time again.

The key differentiator between The O'Mahony Group and others is that we have previously sold solutions to each and every one of our mobile network operator contacts. We have earned the respect of our contacts and therefore we will only represent the very best companies and solutions.

Our reputation is the most important contributor to our success. Our mobile network operator contacts not only expect us to represent the very best innovative companies, but companies that also provide the very best commercial terms, delivery timelines, project management and after-sales support.


Declan O'Mahony

The O'Mahony Group is led by Founder and CEO, Declan O'Mahony. Declan has over 20 years experience in the software industry, specialising in value added services for mobile network operators since 1996.

Declan worked with the original text message pioneer Aldiscon (then Logica, now Acision) as Sales Manager for several years before leaving to join start-up Irish company Jinny Software. As VP Global Sales, he grew sales by an average of 44% every year and increased the customer base from 3 in 2001 to 78 in 2009.